Reading Women Challenge

This year focuses on reading international authors. All authors should be women. Reading trans women and those of other marginalized genders who are comfortable being included in feminine-coded initiatives is highly encouraged. One book may cover more than one prompt.

1. A book long-listed for the JCB prize

2. An author from Eastern Europe 

3. A book about incarceration

4. Cookbook by a woman of color 

5. Protagonist older than 50

6. South American author in translation

7. Reread a favorite

8. A memoir by an Indigenous, First Nations, Native, or Aboriginal woman

9. By a neurodivergent author

10. A crime novel or thriller in translation

11. About the natural world

12. Young adult novel by a Latinx author

13. Poetry collection by a Black woman

14. A book with a biracial protagonist

15. A Muslim middle grade novel

16. A queer love story

17. About a woman in politics

18. A book with a rural setting

19. A book with a cover designed by a woman

20. A book by an Arab author in translation

21. A book by a trans author

22. A fantasy novel by an Asian author in translation

23. A nonfiction book about social justice

24. A short story collection by a Caribbean author


25. A book by Alexis Wright

26. A book by Tsitsi Dangarembga

27. A book by Leila Abouleta

28. A book by Yoko Ogawa