Pop Culture – 80s Edition

A pop culture inspired readathon; this round is 80s themed; each prompt is based off of a popular 80s movie.

  1. Pretty in Pink – a book with a a pink cover, or a goodly amount of pink on the cover

2. The Breakfast Club – a book that features your favorite character trope

3. Sixteen Candles – a book with a number in the title

4. Ferris Buller’s Day Off – a book set in Chicago or by an author from Chicago

5. Can’t Buy Me Love – a book with fake dating or faking a marriage

6. The Heathers – a book that has a bright cover and a dark plot

7. Say Anything – a book where the love interests are opposite types of people (ex. the bad boy and the princess, etc.)

8. Duckie Dale – a book with an unrequited love trope

9. Teen Witch – a book where the main character is a teen witch

10. The Lost Boys – a book with vampires

11. Child’s Play – a middle grade horror book

12. Clue – a murder mystery

13. “No more wire hangers!” – a book involving family dynamics

14. Labyrinth – a book that involves the Fae

15. Halloween – a book centered around a holiday

16. Poltergeist – a book with a haunted house

17. Beetlejuice – a book with three words in the title

18. Alien – a space opera

19. The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas – a steamy book

20. “Nobody puts Baby in the corner” – with a bad boy trope

21. St. Elmo’s Fire – a new adult novel

22. Terminator – speculative fiction or an action-packed book

23. The Witches of Eastwick – with a polyamorous relationship

24. Coming to America – by a Diaspora author

25. Beaches – an emotionally charged book

26. Fame – a contemporary novel that takes on heavy or challenging topics

27. Splash – with mermaids

28. Ghostbusters – a ghost story

29. Troop Beverly Hills – with any form of nature on the cover

30. Grease 2 – a standalone book that is part of a series (one that does not require you to read the previous books in that series to understand)

31. “Goonies never say die” – a treasure hunt or a heist that is not part of the Six of Crows series

32. Dead Poet’s Society – an inspirational book

33. E.T. – a middle grade book about friendships

34. Back to the Future – a book with time travel

35. Honey I Shrunk the Kids – with a kid(s) on the cover

36. Annie – a retelling


37. a book with disability representation

38. a book with a BIPOC author

39. a book with LGBTQIA+ representation

40. a book by an Indigenous author

To play along, visit The Story Graph.