LGBTQ+ Tropes Myth-busted

  1. A book by a historical lesbian author
  2. A book with a gay couple where no one dies
  3. A book with a bisexual protagonist who isn’t a woman with magical powers
  4. A book with trans characters who are loved and accepted by their family
  5. A book with a nonbinary character who isn’t from outer space
  6. A book by a queer or two-spirit indigenous author
  7. A book about an adult coming out story
  8. A book with an intersex protagonist
  9. A book featuring a BIPOC author who identifies on the ace spectrum
  10. A book by a queer, trans, or intersex BIPOC author
  11. A book with a pansexual romance plot line that isn’t a love triangle
  12. A book by a queer disabled author
  13. A queer-centered book that has positive acceptance by characters of a particular faith (all faiths – or non-faiths – count)
  14. A nonfiction book about LGBTQ+ history (the more specific the better)

To play along, find this challenge on StoryGraph HERE