Modern Mrs. Darcy

This year’s Modern Mrs. Darcy challenge is a choose your own adventure. The worksheets to figure out your own challenge are HERE. These are the prompts that I’ve worked our for myself. read more

Classics Reading Challenge

Classics for this challenge can be older or modern (unless the prompt says otherwise). Older classics should be originally published more than 50 years ago, and modern classics should have some indication that they are a classic such as winning an award. read more

Reading Trans Writers

This challenge is to read authors who identify as trans. In order to count, the author must self-identify as part of the trans community. read more

Reading Outside the Gender Binary

The goal of this challenge is to read more marginalized authors. All authors should be outside of the gender binary to count for this challenge. (That is, they must identify as something other than cis male or cis female.) read more

Science Fiction Challenge

  1. A science fiction book by an African author
  2. A science fiction book by an Asian author
  3. A science fiction book by a Latin American author
  4. A science fiction book by an author that does not identify as a man
  5. A science fiction book that involves a religion other than your own or the dominant religion in your country
  6. A science fiction book translated from a language you can’t read or speak

To play along, visit The Story Graph.

Reading the Longest TBRs

This challenge is to read books from your TBR that are over 400 pages. Since I am also doing the Go Big or Go Home challenge and the Chunkster challenge, my goal for this one is to read books that are between 400 and 450 pages. read more

Author Identity Challenge

Looking to read authors from a variety of different racial, ethnic, and cultural identities? The goal is to read works from a variety of perspectives, especially underrepresented ones. For the challenge, read a book by an author that represents the ethnic or cultural group listed. (MOGI is an umbrella term that includes people who have marginalized orientations, gender identities, or who are intersex. In this case it represents those with various nonbinary or trans gender identities). read more

12 Books, 12 People, 12 Years

This challenge celebrates backlist books by reading one book that was published in each of the last 12 years. Each book should be by a different author. read more

Sapphic Books Challenge

This challenge is to read more Sapphic books. All books for this challenge must have a Sapphic element to them. (Sapphic means women who love women (and enby folks who love women), or related to the work of Sappho the Greek poet. read more