Medical Examiner

You are the Medical Examiner, and your goal is to issue as many Toe Tags as you can during 2021 by reading murder mysteries and documenting the cause of death of the unfortunate victim(s). You get to decide what is a mystery, and all forms of reading/listening count. There is one Death Certificate per book, and one Toe Tag per victim. A victim must be significant enough to have been given a name, and you must be able to cite the cause of death (any manor of death counts so long as it can be cited). read more

Six Shooter

Shoot (read) six mysteries by the same target (author) to get a notch on your gun. Traditional murder mysteries, thrillers, police procedurals, romantic suspense, and related young adult categories are all welcome. Print books, e-books, audio books, and radio dramatizations may be used. You may target the same author multiple times. You can target different authors simultaneously or consecutively. Pseudonyms count as the same author. All ages are welcome. read more

Century Club

Specifically for mysteries, ongoing, no expiration date. The year the book was written, not necessarily the year it was published is the counted year. Books may be read in any order. Authors can be enjoyed multiple times. read more

Beachcomber Challenge

An open (more than a calendar year) challenge. The goal is to read mysteries and fill up 4 beach bags: Weapons, Crime Scenes, Detectives, and Victims. One Wild Card may be used for each bag. More than one space may be filled by one book that has multiple elements, but each item/event may only be used once. For detectives, the name itself must include the letter, not any titles or honorifics. Victims must be dead. read more

Go Big or Go Home

12 books over 500 pages in one year. Only books started in 2020 count, no rereads. Translated books over 500 pages count whether the original was or not. Audiobooks count so long as the printed copy is over 500 pages. Collections of stories, omnibuses, and bind-ups count. Manga and manga bind-ups do not. read more

Around the Discworld

An open (doesn’t follow a calendar year) challenge. Read 41 or more of the Discworld books by Terry Pratchett. All formats count. Rereads count. All 41 of the original Discworld books count, as do any of the official companion books. read more

Monthly Keyword Challenge

12 books, 1 per month that includes one or more of the key words for that month. Synonyms and suffixes are allowed. ( is the final word on whether something is a “valid” synonym.) read more

Alphabet Soup Challenge

First main word of the title contains the challenge letter. For the letters Q, X, and Z, the word starting with the challenge letter can be anywhere in the title. read more