Author Identity Challenge

Looking to read authors from a variety of different racial, ethnic, and cultural identities? The goal is to read works from a variety of perspectives, especially underrepresented ones. For the challenge, read a book by an author that represents the ethnic or cultural group listed. (MOGI is an umbrella term that includes people who have marginalized orientations, gender identities, or who are intersex. In this case it represents those with various nonbinary or trans gender identities).

  1. A Black woman
  2. A Black man
  3. A Black MOGI
  4. An Indigenous woman
  5. An Indigenous man
  6. An Indigenous MOGI
  7. A Latina woman
  8. A Latino man
  9. A Latinx MOGI
  10. An Asian or Pacific Islander woman
  11. An Asian or Pacific Islander man
  12. An Asian or Pacific Islander MOGI
  13. An Arab woman
  14. An Arab man
  15. An Arab MOGI
  16. A White MOGI

To play along, visit The Story Graph.