52 Book Club

One book per prompt. Prompts should be interpreted generously and creatively as needed.

  1. set in a school
  2. featuring the legal profession
  3. a dual timeline
  4. an author that is deceased
  5. published by Penguin
  6. character with the same name as a male family member
  7. author with only 1 published book
  8. in the 900s of the Dewey Decimal System
  9. set in a Mediterranean country
  10. related to the word “fire”
  11. with discussion questions inside
  12. title starting with the letter “D”
  13. includes an exotic animal
  14. written by an author over 65 when published
  15. a book mentioned in another book
  16. set before the 17th century (before 1600)
  17. a character on the run
  18. author with a 9-letter last name
  19. book with a deckled edge
  20. made into a TV series
  21. by Kristin Hannah
  22. a family saga
  23. an ending that surprises you
  24. a book you think they should read in schools
  25. a book with multiple character POV
  26. an author of color
  27. first chapter ends on an odd page
  28. includes a historical event you know little about
  29. featuring the environment
  30. watch out for dragons
  31. shares a similar title to another book
  32. a selfish character
  33. featuring adoption
  34. a book you’d rate 5 stars
  35. set in a country that starts with the letter “S”
  36. a nameless narrator
  37. an educational read
  38. recommended on BookBub
  39. an alternate history novel
  40. found via #bookstgram
  41. endorsement by a famous author on the cover
  42. an epistolary
  43. a character with a pet cat
  44. includes a garden
  45. a coming of age novel
  46. winner of the National Book Award (any year)
  47. a character with a disability
  48. a cover with a women who is facing away
  49. a flavor in the title
  50. a shoe on the cover
  51. published in 2021
  52. one of the previous 51 prompts from the 2021 challenge